What is Dine At School?

Dine at School is home-run national initiative to challenge the status quo and bring fantastic food to kids mouths all around UK.

This is more than just a simple awareness campaign. Dine at School is a brand new engagement scheme aiming to get kids, teachers and parents alike excited about their food. For too long now food has been a marginalised aspect of school life. Many parents who are pushed for time are happy to have their kids get by on whatever the canteen serves, or worse, rely on ready-meals to keep their kids fed. We believe this lack of enthusiasm and abject apathy becomes inherited by children, leading to a whole generation of kids who have no enthusiasm or excitement about their diet.

Dine at School is firm in the belief that kids will only start getting excited about their food when their parents and teachers being to exhibit this same enthusiasm. So we’ve built this website to get those adults jazzed about food. On this site you’ll find: